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Cultural Events

In addition to our academics, we strive to have our students participate in as many traditional Japanese events as possible.  Not only is this a good learning experience, but the students have fun and look forward to these school-wide events.  Because all classes are held at the same time, we have the ability for all of our students to learn sportsmanship, teamwork, and how to have fun.

Undoukai (運動会)

Fall Quarter Event


While patterned after the traditional Japanese sports competition, the emphasis here is on cooperative spirit and just plain having fun. Typical activities include tug-of-war, relay races, and bean bag toss. 



Oshougatsu (お正月)

Winter Quarter Event


On this day, there are exhibits and events that highlight the significance of the New Year's holiday in the Japanese culture. Mochi (rice cakes) and ozoni (a soup made with mochi) are typically enjoyed, along with a potluck lunch provided by the Gakuen members.  

Activities include mochitsuki for the kids in addtion to various New Year's games.

Children's Day (こどもの日)

Spring Quarter Event

This event is a combination of the traditional Girl's Day and Boy's Day. For the boys, there are displays of koinobori and kabuto. For the girls, there are hina-ningyo doll displays. There are also demonstrations of traditional arts and crafts, such as origami.



Gakugeikai (学芸会)

Last Day of School

Class presentations are held to demonstrate what they have learned during the past school year. These presentations typically include singing or a short skit or play. There are graduation ceremonies for the seniors. Awards are presented to students, teachers, Board members, and others who made significant contributions during the school year.

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