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Donations Welcome!

We accept donations throughout the year and utilize the funds for the following purposes:

  • Fund new teacher materials.​

  • Continue traditions and fund yearly events:​

    • Undoukai, Oshougatsu, Kodomo no hi​

  • Stabilize financials due to yearly changes in enrollment.​

  • Fund student outreach and recruitment.​

  • Increase community awareness of the school.​

  • Enable future generations to connect with ethnic history.

We are chartered as a nonprofit corporation in the State of California, and is tax exempt under IRC Section 501(c)3 and the California RTC Section 23701d.

Thank you in advance for your support!


Thank you for your support of Diablo Nippongo Gakuen through the Amazon Smile Program.

Amazon announced the ending of this program effective February 20, 2023


Diablo Nippongo Gakuen

3165 Treat Blvd.

Concord, CA 94518

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